About our Gift Registry:
The Goat Connection Gift Registry is great for any occasion (and it doesn't even have to be goat-related...so share with your non-goat friends!) It lets you create a list of items that you would like to receive from family and friends.

Then, you can distribute a special URL so friends can access your list to decide what to buy for you. Family and friends can mark items as "claimed" so others will know that they intend to purchase the item.

You can include a description of the item, and if the gift is in an online shop you can even include the url in your listing. MAKE SURE you include the entire URL (beginning with http://www and ending with the actual page where the item is located - such as http://www.khimairafarm.com/patterns.htm). That way, your friends can go straight to the website when they view your list!

Whether it is for Christmas, a Birthday, a Wedding, Barmitzvah, or Graduation, the Gift Registry helps you get what you really want!

Using the system is easy, just register for an account and start creating your gift list right away. We hope you enjoy!