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    Portable Milking Stanchions    

Go to my shop on the Bouncing Hoofs Mall and see pictures of my completely portable milking Stanchions. Made of PVC they are light weight yet durable and they break down into two pieces for easy transport to shows. I have two that travel with me and several that are used on a daily basis here at home. We milk Alpines and Nubians and they are able to stand up to the daily "beating" these large does give them. $125.00 without removable feeder plus shipping $135.00 with removable feeder plus shipping We are located in CA. and UPS bases shipping rates on zip code so send me your zip code and I can get a quote for exact shipping cost (Please Note: UPS will not ship to PO Boxes). Typically to ship coast to coast UPS shipping and packaging materials runs about $68.00 but of course the closer together we are the cheaper the shipping. FedEx to ship coast to coast including packaging materials is charging about $48.32. Your choice FedEx or UPS. I charge you exactly what I am being charged there is no handling fee! These stanchions can be made and ready to ship right to your home in a matter of days. Justcopy and paste the address below! Place your order today and have your new stanchion next week. It's not to early to start thinking about a Holiday, Birthday or Anniversary gift for that special "goat person" in your life or for yourself. Since they are made as they are ordered we can try to fill your special requests so just send me a e-mail and tell me what you need and we will do our best to fulfill your needs. Please e-mail me privately for information or to place your order. You can click on my e-mail link right on my site in the mall. Smokey Hill Dairy Goats http://www.bouncinghoofs.com/smokeyhill Portable Milking Stanchions http://bouncinghoofs.com/bhm10.html  
9505 E. Ave. Q-12   Littlerock   93543
Email   Web Site    
1033266811   Posted: Sat Sep 28 22:33:31 2002  

    Rojae Farms Portable Milking Stands    

Quality Built, Reasonably Priced, Portable Milkstands. Steel construction for strength and durability, stands are 19" wide, 49" long, and 16" high on the base, head gates are 10" wide, 35" high, with an adjustable feeder position for standard size or minis. The stands weigh aproximately 50 lbs and fold into a 22" wide. 51" long, 3" high for easy carring and storage. These stands can be fitted for AI and also a portastool at an extra charge.For Pictures please visit our website!!  
RT 3 Box 3541   Alton   65606
Telephone: 417-778-7312  
Email   Web Site   Rojae Farms Goat Milking Stand   $195.00
1005945843   Posted: Fri Nov 16 16:24:03 2001 Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!  

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