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Our Mission:  To provide an opportunity for goat owners/breeders to find  "everything goat" while providing an economical and effective way for companies and individuals to present their products to the world!   In addition to goat-related products and equipment, our included Breeder's Directory will guide you to finding quality goats from around the world!   YOU can be included too!   Our sites are getting thousands of views a day! 
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Health Care Products

    Emu oil - first aid in a bottle    

Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and healing agent. Great for pain, swollen joints, cracked or inflammed udders or any type of cuts, etc. A little goes a long way! Patented by US Gov. Used by humans and great for animals! $11.50+(tax if applicable) and shipping. Give it a try, we think you'll be absolutely sold on this ancient wonder!  
R.D.#3 Box 281   Tyrone PA   16686
Telephone: 814-684-1999  
Email   Web Site   Healtlhy Solutions Emu Oil   $15.69
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    For Goats-Want that cold, cough, congestion gone?    

FOR GOATS...Had little to no luck with traditional medications?? Thought about herbal remedies?? To expensive, to messy, to much waste, to much hassle??? We care more about our critters than making big bucks.. We have formulated a treatment for those pesky colds, coughs and congestion that is not messy, no waste, no hassel and affordable. They eat it all and it has worked... See our website for more info. or email us.  
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1005280891   Posted: Thu Nov 8 23:41:31 2001  

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