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Our Mission:  To provide an opportunity for goat owners/breeders to find  "everything goat" while providing an economical and effective way for companies and individuals to present their products to the world!   In addition to goat-related products and equipment, our included Breeder's Directory will guide you to finding quality goats from around the world!   YOU can be included too!   Our sites are getting thousands of views a day! 
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    Cute Tiny little Goat halters up to mature size.    

I can make halters as small as you can raise critters. (at least I think I can.) I make adjustable halters for miniature horses, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, reindeer, and GOATS. I use nice soft nylon and quality hardware that you will want to put on your sweet little critters. Coming soon: Packing Supplies for goats  

31428 Garber Rd   Guttenberg IA   52052
Telephone: 563-252-1296  
Email   Web Site   tiny goat halter   $9.00
1021071888   Posted: Fri May 10 19:04:48 2002 Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!  

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