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    Ball Boer Goat's    

I raise regestered and no regestered boer goats. my regestered bloodlines have eggsfiles, powellholman, and some other egg's in there to. I am located in southwest in carthage on hyw. 96. Give me a call if you are looking for good bloodlines whether it be fullblood or gest percentage. My number is 417-358-1062  
18899 St. Hwy. 96   carthage MO   64836
Telephone: 417-358-1062  
1035558670   Posted: Fri Oct 25 11:11:10 2002  

    Border Star Alpine Goats    

Hi, I'm Annabell and have been raising Alpines since 1992. My place in on Highway 36 in North Missouri. If your interested in goats or would like to visit just drop a line. Bye.  
10707 Atlantic Loop   Bucklin MO   64631
Email   Web Site    
1006527161   Posted: Fri Nov 23 09:52:41 2001  

    Bucky's Comfort Registered Nubians    

Bucky's Comfort Registered Nubians and Great Pyrenees  
Rt.1 Box 197A   Rocky Comfort   64861
Telephone: 417/435/2684   Fax: 417/435/2684  
Email   Web Site    
1014943859   Posted: Thu Feb 28 19:50:59 2002  

    Cloven Hooves Farm    

Cloven Hooves Farm is a 20 acre hobby goat farm located in Rolla Missouri USA. We are proud to offer our pet and show quality Pygmy and Tennessee Fainting Goat kids and adults in the 2003 season!

Our Pygmy goat herd is made up of 4 breeding bucks, 8 breeding does, 5 bucklings, 4 doelings, 2 wethers, and some kids on the way. We will "customize" breedings to your liking, pick your doe and pick your buck! We leave our newborn kids on the does for 3 days then remove them for bottle feeding. Buyers can request a shorter or longer period to doe nursing if they wish to do so.

Our Fainting goat herd is made up of 5 breeding bucks and 11 breeding does, 1 wether, 2 bucklings, 4 doelings and some kids on the way. We will customize a breeding to your liking, pick your buck and pick your doe! All of our Fainting bucks are registered, but some does are not.

We have over 20 different pens for our goats including a very large indoor kidding area for our over-protective does. We have a kid play area complete with stairs, hay bales, tractor tires, boxes and numerous other toys for the curious little monsters. Adult Bucks are housed seperately when in rut, or in batcherlor pens away from the females. We hand breed all does to assure fertility the first time around, three breedings will be done by a buck to guarantee a fertile development.

We are located just 2 miles off of I-44 in Rolla MO and are very easy to find! Feel free to email for more information, photos, prices, directions or just to chat goats!  

Bridge School Rd   Rolla MO   65402
Telephone: 573-364-0000   Fax: 516-706-3278  
Email   Web Site    
1041272674   Posted: Mon Dec 30 13:24:34 2002  

    Full Blood Commercial Boer Herd Dispersal    

Due to having a baby in September we are selling out our commercial stock!! Have 45 does and a mess of kids some weaned some not yet. All does are full bloods with no papers but kids can be registered since sire is ABGA & IBGA registered. Does are open and ready for fall breeding doelings can be bred in winter. All are priced individually from $100-$300 but if you take all does price would be $200 each on the does and doe kids $100 each or make me an offer!! Need to be gone by end of August!!!!  
6155 S 425 rd   El Dorado Springs MO   64744
Telephone: 417-296-2272  
1183932211   Posted: Sun Jul 8 18:03:31 2007    

    Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats    

Top quality, CAE Free, high milking nigerian dwarves. We have a goat for most needs: show, milk, pet, breeding stock.  
5431 Hwy O   Marthasville MO   63357
Telephone: 636-433-5106  
Email   Web Site    
1016591901   Posted: Tue Mar 19 21:38:21 2002  

    Registered nubians    

332 acorn hill dr.   Fordland MO   65652
Telephone: 417-7674142   Fax: 471-7674142  
Email   Web Site    
1032982843   Posted: Wed Sep 25 15:40:43 2002  

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