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Dream Goats LaMancha 2002 Sales List, includes pictures, pedigrees, show records and more. We expect our mature does to be competitive in the show ring, as well as productive on the milk bench, and breed towards that goal. Goats since 1982, LaManchas since 1985. Kids are raised on a CAE Prevention Program.  
1770 300th St.   Denison IA   51442
Telephone: 712-263-5256  
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1003724478   Posted: Mon Oct 22 00:21:18 2001  

    Dairy goats wanted!    

We are looking for doelings, young or adult dairy goat does to increase the size of our herd of dairy goats. Currently we have eight Nubian does and one La Mancha doe, and two Nubian bucks. Other dairy breeds would also be considered. We are hoping to increase our herd size to 40 does this year. We also breed Paint, Quarter and Gaited horses so if you visit our webiste looking for our goats go to the "Goats for Milk and Cheese" page. We would be willing to travel to pick up the right animals so please contact us even if you are not in Iowa and you have does available for sale.  
31074 Lower Cedar Road   Guttenberg   52052
Telephone: 563 252 1149   Fax: 563-252-1149  
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1075565670   Posted: Sat Jan 31 11:14:30 2004  

    Purebred Nubians and Grades    

Hello, I have a small herd in Southern Iowa. Please visit my site for more info.  
P.O. Box66   Derby IA   50068
Telephone: (641)533-4255  
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1012518346   Posted: Thu Jan 31 18:05:46 2002  

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