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Food Products/Cheese

    Elk Creek Cheese    

Elk Creek Cheese

We are very proud of the CAPRINE CLASSICS line of 10 different goat cheeses made from our 100% Grade A goat's milk.

Ask For Elk Creek Goat Cheese at your favorite store!

Distributed by Elk Creek Cheese Co., LLC, Applegate, MI 48401 810-633-9547
Nationwide distribution through The CheeseWorks, Ringwood, NJ 800-968-1220

Our Brie has a white velvety rind and soft pate, which is full of flavor and aroma. The herbs in our Herbed Brie add just the right amount of flavor. Brought to room temperature or warmed, the Brie is creamy and smooth.
Tomme de Caprine is a unique cheese; you will not find another goat cheese quite like it. The pate is the color of butter yet firm, with a subtle flavor that envelops your taste buds.
Yellow & White Cheddar are classic cheddars with a vivid chevre flavor. The only difference between the two is for those who prefers a yellow cheese, annatto, a natural food coloring, is added to the curd to produce our fine yellow cheddar.
Our Ceylon Bleu has a 'snow white' flesh with classic blue veins created by adding the Penicllium roqueforti mold. This cheese is delicious in salads or makes an excellent seasoning for fresh pasta or melted on a grilled burger.
Alpine Swiss is a softer whole milk swiss cheese, which melts wonderfully. You will be pleased with the full flavor and superb texture.
Caprine Colby, a milder variant of cheddar that appeals to many people whom like a yellow cheese with a subtle aroma and flavor.
Baked Ricotta is a soft, yet firm cheese that adds a pleasant flavor to any Italian dish you are preparing or makes a satisfying addition to your cheese tray. It's distinctive appearance and taste will please the eyes as well as the palate.
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